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This month’s feature photographer is Andy Farrer. He has many amazing award-winning photos of the Jurassic Coast, a stretch of coast in Southern England. If you’re interested in learning how he captures such stunning images and his mindset towards photography read his interview.

Not everyone is going to like your photos, but there will be plenty that will. That was the case with Madison Hurley. Her work might be described as a little risqué for some, but that has not stopped her from doing what makes her happy. Read about how she’s blossomed as an artist by ignoring her critics.

Ashley Reeves is a children and family photography in Minneapolis, MN. She has some great advice on how she got started. Tips such as having a consistent editing style and focusing on her communication skills have set the tone for what clients can expect from her.

Build your portfolio, network with others and market yourself. These are areas Kristen Tyler focuses on as she grows her photography business. Other than these tips, remember that your work will speak for itself.

Gary Holpin is a landscape photographer who lives in Devon, England. He’s fallen in love with England’s South West Coast and its countryside, and has become a champion for the region. He strives to share all the beauty he sees around him. Read how his passion drives him to do what he does.

Running a photography business requires you seeing the bigger picture. This means you have to understand both yourself and your clients. Have you considered seeking professional help with marketing your work? Check out this awesome promo put out by our friend Chris Winton-Stahle and you might just be inspired to follow his lead.

We’ve got an exclusive first look at a new product that could change the way you take photos. Alex Munoz, a brand ambassador for Ricoh, gives us his thoughts on Priolite’s Hot Sync System for Pentax cameras.

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Cover Page by Andy Farrer


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