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How awesome must it be to live around the Mediterranean. There’s beautiful scenery everywhere.¬† Manolis Tsantakis is a photographer from the Greek island of Crete. Read about his passion for nature and what he does to promote and bring awareness to his locale.

“Birth work is heart work.” For Debbie Lehnert, Birth Photography is what she’s passionate about. Staying true to the cry of her heart is what’s allowed A Full Cup Photography to continue to grow. Read how Debbie pours her heart into her work and what a privilege and blessing it is to be working in her field.

Have you seen what Pole Dancing Photography looks like? Den Denyer is a master at it. Just take a look at some of his work and you’ll see how talented he is. Every client’s majestic pose seems to have been creatively planned out. Read how he got into this unique genre of photography and what it takes to succeed in it.

A professional photographer should make the best effort at staying true to one’s style, even when it might not appeal to everyone. Victor Hamke shares this lesson with us. Stay positive and be fearless. That’s what he did when he decided to give Wedding Photography a try. Victor’s distinct trademark style, found in his acclaimed Fine Art work, carried over to weddings and has found its own success as well.

A measure of creativity is a must for those working in the arts. Through the years, Andy York has demonstrated a real talent for digital manipulation, and has applied this skill to create masterful photos centered around romantic, ethereal and gothic themes. His passion for his unique style and his ability to shrug off prejudices have allowed Andy to build a sizable following. Read how his creativity and thinking outside the scope of the general public keeps his work desirable.

When you’re out looking to start an adventure, it’s better to have an open mind to how your journey will play out. Sian Robertson shares with us how she got started with photography. It’s interesting to read how things played out for her and how she ended up finding a passion for Portrait Photography.

Chris Winton-Stahle talks about how important it is to surround yourself with people that are like-minded with you. This community can become your support system and can open future opportunities for you.

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