Please follow this instruction to restore your purchases.
STEP 1. click on the subscribe button
STEP 2. then click “Restore All Purchases”

Subscribe and Restore All Purchases – Step 1 and Step 2

STEP 3. Then you will see this screen and then enter your password for your apple id, be sure this is the apple id when you first purchased or subscribe to bokeh magazine, if it’s a different id, there’s no way this can be restored properly. Sometimes, Apple will ask you several times, we don’t know why this happens.

Verify Apple id and Enter the Password

STEP4: It should say something like All Products have been restored.

All Purchases Restored

Important Note: if you didn’t see the last screen it means that your restore didn’t complete, you might sometimes need to redo this process, due to the fact that sometimes your iPad can lose the wifi signal or sometimes all the systems(Apple and Ours) might have some intermittent connection issues(rare but it does happen).

STEP 5: Final Result: When you close down the app completely and reopen it, the subscribe button will no longer be there, it’s replaced by a Restore button. This means you successfully restored everything. It will show something like this.

Final Screen – Just a Restore Button upper right corner.