Please follow this set of instructions to restore your purchases.
STEP 1. Click on the Subscribe button
STEP 2. Click on the Restore All Purchases button

Subscribe and Restore All Purchases – Step 1 and Step 2

STEP 3:  You will be prompted to login using your Apple ID password.  Use the credentials that were used when you purchased the Bokeh subscription.  The purchase is connected to your iTunes account.

Verify Apple id and Enter the Password

STEP4: A popup should appear to confirm that your Bokeh subscription has been restored.

All Purchases Restored


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be sure to pay attention and see if the “Restore” popup window appears.  This confirms the process completed.  If you’re not sure, try going through the instructions again.


STEP 5: Restart the app.  Completely close and reopen the app. The Subscribe button should longer be there.  It should be replaced by a Restore button.  When you see this that means you have successfully restore everything.

Final Screen – Just a Restore Button upper right corner.