In this edition of Bokeh, Tony Luna has returned to explore with us the process of Unleashing the Power Within. You wouldn’t want to miss this one. We then interviewed 5 different photographers following their passion. As I compile their interviews, I remember last month’s issue where John Bennett wrote about working in series. I noticed the different series that began to emerge as our feature photographers progress through their journey, and how each succeeding image becomes more striking than the previous one. All this and more in this month’s edition of Bokeh Magazine.

We hope this issue will help you explore your creativity as well as help you gain more success in your business.

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Cover Image by David Daniel Photography

Table of Content

Feature Q&A David Muesbeck

Inteview with Kah Wai Lin of Kah Wai Lin Photography

Interview with Jelger & Tanja Wedding Photogers

Transitions Interview by John Bennett of Melissa Peck-Lessley

Transitioins Interview by John Bennett with Sierra Breshears

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Photographer Websites from the Current Issue of Bokeh Magazine – Melissa Peck-Lessley