In this edition of Bokeh, our featured photographer from Australia talks about his journey as a landscape photographer and how he uses different skills in conjunction with his photography to support his lifestyle.

This edition also includes the last installment of Living a Life of Chapters with John Bennett. This month he interviewed Mike Moreali & Randi Vaughan. It’s interesting to see what different approaches and paths many up-and-coming photographers take to move their careers to the next level. I personally can’t wait to hear from them again in the future to see what paths they carved for themselves.

This month Tony Luna explores the life of his good friend, Erv to illustrate playfulness and passion. I think this is important in any profession, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Jennifer Steffen & Alicia Lucia show us what their journeys are like as photographers. Sarah Ann Loreth, with the help of Lauren Parker talks about the Art of Photography. And finally, Michael Werner of two way lenses comes back with an interview with Susan Wides.

Once again, it’s another month of different perspectives from different kinds of photographers. Hope you learn something different. Try these ideas and learn from them.

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Cover Image by Bob Simpson Landscape Photography

Table of Contents

Interview With Bob Simpson

Interview With Jennifer Steffen

Interview With Alicia Lucia

Transitions Interview by John Bennett of Mike Moreali

Transitions Interview by John Bennett of Randi Vaughan

Interview With Sarah Ann Loreth

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Bob Simpson

Jennifer Steffen

Alicia Lucia

Sarah Ann Loreth

Susan Wides

Mike Moreali

Randi Vaughan