There are many that struggle to make it through a day at work. If you’re ready to go a different direction in your profession, to take a step forward towards your passion and calling, then be inspired by this month’s feature image maker. Jerry Blow shares his story on how he went from what was an established career that just didn’t cut it for him anymore to an image maker living out his passion as an Architectural Photographer.

Life often brings us moments that are timeless and priceless. Helping clients capture these moments are Molly Moira and Marilyn Shamblin, two photographers that were interviewed in this issue. You’ll find their joy and enthusiasm for their work simply amazing and contagious.

Paul S. Bartholomew specializes in photography that centers around his specialties, which are in the areas of architecture, interior design and food. Read about how he found his direction in his own niche, how he overcame his hurdles and fears, and see what magnificent images he has produced. They’re simply gorgeous.

If you’re into Black & White Photography, you’ll be treated with a couple of articles that cover this topic. Oliver Weber and Irvin Rivera each talk about their experiences. They show two different approaches to the technique, as well as reasons for why they are used.

Finally, John Bennett writes on the influences of social media on photography. The ease and ability to take photos these days has opened up the world of photography to many, but at what cost. You might be well served to keep some of the points he brings up in mind the next time you shoot and share.

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Cover Image By Jerry Blow Architectural Photography

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