It’s fun to get caught up in photography. Going to shoots and taking pictures of different people or things is more often than not a new experience to be enjoyed. But how many people see that there’s also a business side to things. There’s work involved, which includes tasks such as networking, marketing, customer service, finances, and etc. The actual act of photography accounts for about 10% of your work according to this month’s feature photographer Alex Munoz. A good 90% of photography work is related to business tasks. Read his interview and learn how he first got his foot in the door and how he continues to grow his photography business. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy his stunning gallery of images that he has shared with us.

Beauty surrounds all of us, and people perceive it in various ways. It’s important for photographers to find their own way of capturing what they see as precious moments in time. Many find niches they’re comfortable working in and they continuously refine their skill sets to accommodate the vision they’ve established. Laura Schumpert and Jeanne Johnson are living examples of how this is done. They‘ve shared their experiences with us so that we can better set our own direction.

Having a vision and a sense of direction are important components to any photography business, but so are hard work and perseverance. You’ll get a sense of what each has to offer when you read the interview from Sander Poppe and the article by Tony Luna.

Some bonus material awaits you in this issue of Bokeh. Ron Jude is interviewed by Michael Werner of Two Way Lens, and he shares his insights over his 20-plus years in the photography business. We’ve also added a special video tutorial on how to create water splash images. Hopefully it’s something you find useful.

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Cover Image By Alex Munoz Commercial Photography

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Interview With Laura Schumpert

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Reader Contribution by Robert Miller Page 1

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Alex Munoz Commercial Photography

Laura Schumpert – Laura Mae Photography

Jeanne Johnson – Rocking J Photography

Melissa Peck Lessley – Purely Yours Photography

Sander Poppe Landscape Photography

Ron Jude

Tony Luna