Starting your own photography business is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, and it requires you to be constantly pushing and teaching yourself new things. This month’s feature interview has Jason Duchow sharing about his experiences. Jason is primarily a Portrait and Sports Photographer. His story is quite amazing and inspiring. See what creative strategies he’s used to expand his business.

Likewise, Joe Leone has grown his cliente through some unique ways. He moonlights as a DJ in a large nightclub and has been able to hit up on some connections he’s made through that side job. Check out his image gallery for some stunning portraitures of models and individuals in the glamour and beauty industry.

There’s nothing quite like maternity and newborn photography. Both capture special moments that celebrate life. Laura Gordillo and Shannon Graham are talented photographers that have opened up to us in their sharing of their challenges and successes they’ve each had in these niche fields.

A part of the maturation process in becoming a photographer is the ability to grow out of your comfort zones. Vella Rolland “Posh Penny” shares some of her insights on a particular experience she had which opened her eyes to a different way of thinking. Mary Bartnikowski also has some suggestions on how you can quickly improve your photography skills.

While digital photography dominates most conversations these days, there’s something to be said of the more traditional photography processes of old. Learn something new about the use of collodion in photography with Smith Eliot.

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Cover Image by Jason Duchow Photography

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