I’m excited to share this month’s issue of Bokeh with you. It’s got some international flavor to it, with stories from around the world. Read about how these photographers chose their fields of photography and how they started their businesses. There’s something to be learned from their experiences, and I hope that the different insights they have provided and the lessons they’ve learned will help and motivate you in your pursuit of excellence in your photography passion.

Our feature interview is with Páll Jökull, a landscape photographer from Iceland. His adventurous spirit caught my attention right away, and his ability to capture surreal moments, such as during the Aurora Borealis light shows, is quite inspiring. Read how he’s taken his 4×4 to exotic locations and how he’s used it to lead photography tours.

Clare Giordmaine specializes in Newborn Photography in India. One of key takeaways she gives is the importance of finding a mentor, especially in the beginning of one’s career. Her read is interesting because she also touches a little on the style of her photography and how it contrasts with the prevalent style and culture that’s found in India.

Confidence in this line of work, no matter what niche field you’re in, is pivotal to your development and maturation. Always believe in yourself and what you can do. Work hard and never stop learning. These themes resound with the interviews from Adolfo Usier (Russia), Marco Marengo (Italy) and Serina Tara (Turkey). If you don’t believe in yourself and if you don’t continuously work to improve your skills, you’ll fail.

There are some refreshing takes on the sources for inspiration given by Gary Brinton (Canada), Tracy Wright Corvo (Hawaii, U.S.) and Bonnie Holland (New York, U.S.). Find out what drives them in their work. Bonnie’s words come to us through an article by Tony Luna.

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Cover Image By Páll Jökull Photography

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