What I love about photography is how universal it is in its use. People are able to use photography to cultivate a myriad of passions. You’ll be able to see different facets of photography at work through the interviews found in this month’s issue of Bokeh Magazine.

The feature interview is with DuendePhoto, a husband and wife team that has established themselves in the California Bay Area. Ken and Brady work well together and their styles are definitely unique. Their collection of Yosemite wedding pictures is amazing.

There’s something to be appreciated about perseverance, and that’s what you’ll see in the interview with Panas Wiwatpanachat, a Landscape Photographer based in Los Angeles. Following your passion is a lesson every one of us should be mindful of in our life journey. You’ll be inspired by what Michael Still has to share about his work in Automotive and Lifestyle Photography.

Jodi Lynn Maxwell specializes in Boudoir Photography in Tempe, Arizona. I think you’ll find what she has to say on running a photography business, especially in her niche, to be insightful. Christina Barnum has a high-spirited enthusiasm for her work in Family and Children Photography, which is refreshing.

We’ve all started somewhere, and those beginnings can sometimes be challenging. That doesn’t mean we should be discouraged when things seem to be progressing slowly. You’ll be uplifted when you read about Taylor Duncan and his pursuits into Landscape Photography, as well as when you read Hiroshi Watanabe’s story.

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Cover Image by DuendePhoto

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Interview With Hiroshi Watanabe Page 1

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