Captured moments, especially of loved ones, are able to evoke emotions that touch our hearts. Connie Lawson has a special talent for taking photographs that are simply priceless. Her adorable baby pictures, elegant maternity shots, and playful children’s images are to be treasured and enjoyed.

What I admire about many photographers is how they all love doing what they do. For many of them, photography wasn’t their first career. It took a leap of faith to reconnect with their love and passion. Jan Gratz talks about how she followed her heart and is now living her dream.

Not all paths lead straight to your destination. The important thing is to pick a path and to keep moving forward. You’ll get there in time. Paul Haynes has an amazing story that he shares with us. It is one that is filled with obstacles, which in the end has matured his experience and skill set.

Photography is a creative outlet. It’s a way for photographers to express themselves. What they create is art, with their inspiration being the beauty of human nature. That is what photography means for Shelby Ragland. It’s as simple as that. Read about her experiences and see how photography has changed her.

Shooting photographs of animals and of sporting events is not easy, but some how photographers are able to do it. Check out the interviews for the talented Nicki Joyce and Oscar Quetglas.

Many can only dream that they can live a passion driven life. How fun and meaningful that can be. In this month’s issue of Bokeh, Tony Luna shares some of his insights on how you can turn your career into your passion.

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Cover Image by Connie Lawson

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