This month’s feature interview is with Robert Kaler of RTK Fine Art Photography. If you’re not familiar with sublimation print on metal, take a look at his story. His photos, which incorporate a unique HDR style and printing process, are definitely amazing.

I love black & white photographs and John Tuckey does them so well. His monochrome images seem timeless and they are so elegantly done. They’re like a window into the past.

An active imagination is something that every photographer needs to have. Mellissa Stanturf’s collection of photos certainly show off her creative eye. They’re fun to look at.

Photography as a business can be time consuming. That’s why it’s important to prioritize and to have a balance between one’s work and personal life. You can read how Heather Mohr does it, with all the different roles and responsibilities she has.

Success comes from learning, whether it be from new skills and techniques or from experiences. You have to try new things and challenge yourself in order to grow, even when it means you might fail. Susan Rockstraw has shared her story with us and I hope you’ll be inspired by her interview as well as delighted with her photos.

Inspiration to shoot can come from anywhere. Read how Jennifer Kaloc Perry got started and how now she’s now teamed up with her husband.

Science and art come together when Victoria Hillman shoots. She’s a nature & wildlife photographer who’s been all over the world. Follow how Victoria prepares for a shoot and what she’s learned over the years.

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Cover Image by Robert Kaler

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