Setting high standards and doing outstanding work is the modus operandi with which Howard Snyder lives by. You can tell by the exceptional work he does. If you’re interested in learning his technique, check out his website and his online workshops and tutorials.

Have you heard of reversed light painting? If not you’re in for a treat. Find out how Catalin Anastase developed this technique and what his images look like. His BLACKLASER photographs are out of this world and his nude photographs are simply exquisite.

Eliška Fischerová knew early on what she wanted to do with her life and has worked hard to establish her photography business. She understands the value in focusing on her own style and promoting herself. Be inspired as you read how determined she was to walk her own path.

Determination and a willingness to constantly push herself forward. These are the marks of a successful photographer, and of Tami Thomson. Learn how she started her business and how her business has grown.

Starting your own photography business is no easy task. There are sure to be critics and there might be times when your vision might get lost amid the busyness. Char Harris has stayed true to her heart and passion for photography. Check out her story.

Life sometimes hands us unfortunate circumstances. Thankfully there are activities such as photography that help us heal and recover. Read how Daniel A. Cullen’s perspective on life was changed and how a whole new world was opened to him through photography.

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Cover Image by Howard Snyder

Table of Contents

Interview With Howard Snyder Page 1

Interview With Catalin Anastase Page 1

Interview With Eliška Fischerová Page 1

Interview With Tami Thomson Page 1

Interview With Char Harris Page 1

Interview With Daniel A. Cullen Page 1

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Howard Snyder Fine Art Landscape Photography

Catalin Fine Art Photography

Khira Photographer (Eliška Fischerová)

SweetyHeart Photography (Tami Thomson)

Phoenix Rain Photography (Char Harris)

All Pets Photography (Daniel A. Cullen)