Sometimes, we are just so frustrated about how things are going for us, and we don’t really know how to move forward, our contributing editor Tony Luna’s interview at the Candid Frame touched on how you can change your mindset and renew yourself and move forward.

One key point that he brought up that really hit me is this:

There are certain things that are inextricably the same, and that is you have to get back to your core values, you always have to get back to your core values whatever kind of business you are involved in. Specially in an industry where you are dealing as a creative entrepreneur, you have to really pay attention to the fact that it all starts with play, it all starts with the ability to kinda step outside of yourself and just explore and discover and find what it is that really thrills you, and frankly, something that when you are doing it you get so involved that you are lost and that’s that point…..


Listen to the interview and be inspired today. Here is the link to the page.

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