For so many years now, I have been putting off adding all those social buttons on to my websites. After all, I have so many different sites in so many niches that it just scares the heck out of me to think about adding all these buttons to all of them. But after I developed a simple system for the big 3 and start adding the buttons it wasn’t too bad. But little did I know that my sites are actually being shared by my visitors even without the social buttons. But if I had added them earlier who knows how many more visitors I would have gotten from all the sharing.

This is what I’m seeing for one of my sites that I just added the main 3 social buttons today.

Not only do you get traffic from these sharing it’s now more important than ever to add these buttons since google is putting more weight on this type of sharing, consider this note from google:

Does +1 affect my site’s performance in search?

Content recommended by friends and acquaintances is often more relevant than content from strangers. For example, a movie review from an expert is useful, but a movie review from a friend who shares your tastes can be even better. Because of this, +1’s from friends and contacts can be a useful signal to Google when determining the relevance of your page to a user’s query. This is just one of many signals Google may use to determine a page’s relevance and ranking, and we’re constantly tweaking and improving our algorithm to improve overall search quality. For +1’s, as with any new ranking signal, we are starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality. read more here

As a photographer, you probably put a lot of time and effort making your website look great to attract more customers. And when your customers is on your site, you want them to tell other people about your website, so shouldn’t you give them the tools to share easily and efficiently? if you haven’t done so, add those social buttons now!

There are so many utilities out there to add these social buttons to your site. One example is wibly I’m not saying they are the best, but at least you get it out there. And when you get the chance to design the social buttons into your site you can get rid of wibly from your website. We have wibly at our front end. You should know we are not associated to them nor get paid by wibly.