I found this article interesting. And wanted to find out what your opinion is about this matter. Now more than ever before with the advancement of technology and cheaper photographic equipments, many hobbist and amateur photographers are taking their services to the next level. With the economic slow down-to the average joe price can be king and amateurs don't mind getting paid less as long as they get the job.

Read this excerpt:

My little Panasonic point-and-shoot will take hundreds and hundreds of photos one after another on a single memory card, and it rivals the quality of my Nikon SLRs! That is an amateur photographer’s dream, but unfortunately it is not as beneficial for the pros. Suddenly, the playing field is level for everyone. Technology has not yet put pros out of business, but it is setting the stage — even our mobile phones have cameras!

Photography is a numbers game, in that only a certain number of your shots will be professional quality. The more shots you take, the more professional quality shots you will get. This means that any moron with a good camera can shoot and shoot and shoot, and eventually get a prizewinner. He may receive an honorable mention in a photo contest, or sell a photo for use in a brochure, then thinks he has the right to call himself a “professional photographer.”…More at Reality Check: Professional Photography Is Going Away

Is this a concern for you or not? Are you exploring strategies to move your business to the next level? What are other opportunities you have considered? Have you checked what other successful professional photographers are doing differently today?

Here’s a short list of what other professional photographers are doing:

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