I haven’t been to a wedding party for a while since we had our baby about a year ago. But two weeks ago, I had a chance to attend one and what was interesting and relevant about the wedding to my online photography business is the photo booth. The bride and groom rented a photo booth for their guests. We all got a chance to take their props and had our photos taken, it was awesome and fun. We all goofed around and had taken our pictures with different group of friends and it was memorable.


So this got me thinking, why don’t more photographers use this awesome tool to generate more business? You need a little bit of planning to really take advantage of this strategy.

The idea is to let your potential customers take fun pictures in your photo booth for free. Get Their Contact Information so that you can market to them. And you need to make sure you do everything in a way that it’s affordable for you to operate.

First, you need a photo booth, if you don’t have one, try renting a photo booth for a few days and run this marketing to see if it works.

Second, the location, make sure you do this in a high traffic location, like a busy mall, busy state carnival, etc.
Third, make sure you do this: all photos should have your contact information/website at the back, as well as take their email address and or phone number whenever possible before you hand your customers the free small photos of themselves.

A couple of items you need to consider.

1. lots of props, goofy props, hats, eye glasses, etc.
2. Limit photos to however many you are willing to take and give away per group.
3. Always tell your customers you are getting their email so that you can inform them when the larger version is uploaded to your website.
4. Make the process as smooth as possible, you want to get as many contacts as possible.
5. On your first email to your customers, tell them their images are ready and always try to make a subtle sell by telling them what your services are.
6. If you haven’t done so, sign up with an email newsletter provider and consistently keep in touch with your customers.
7. And make sure you have a good sign that says free goofy photos of you and your family & friends.
8. finally, measure how many people using this strategy becomes your customer, try this two or 3 times and find out if it the marketing works.

These are some ideas to help you get started with this type of marketing, as you try this out, you will find some ideas work better than others and be sure to keep on trying. After all, marketing is like driving from coast to coast, you don’t really see the other coast when you start driving, however, if you do take the journey, the path will be revealed to you maybe 100 ft at a time, and eventually you will reach your destination.