This is one of our Editor’s quick tip for newbie image makers. Believe it or not, many photographers don’t use this strategy, so by employing this simple diffusion tip, most people(non-photographers) find the image interesting and different.

 A basic understanding of how light works will help in your diffusion lighting. The basic theory is that when diffusing light, the face of the diffuser is now your light source, so the closer the diffuser is to your subject the softer the light will be, the farther away the face of the diffuser is the “less soft” it will be. You can vary the softness or quality of light coming from the diffuser by the distance you place if from your subject. For close up portraits I like to place the diffuser as close to the subject as possible to simulate large window light or “north light”. If you look at the catch light in the eyes of your subject and in the image you will see a very large light source (the Diffuser) which gives a very nice glow around your subject. It also give the eyes a very nice twinkle. Please see images below:

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Large Source Diffused Light: Fuji X-Pro1; Fujinon 35mm F1.4Large Source Diffused Light: Fuji X-Pro1; Fujinon 35mm F1.4