Please send/email us the info requested below so that we can look into this for you.
STEP 1. “Copied and Pasted” Device Token of your iPad (If the subscription was purchased on another device then you need to be logged in with the same Apple ID on the new device.) – How to Get the Device Token
STEP 2. Screenshot of the home screen of the app (to take a screenshot press on button and home button together)

Home Screen Will Look Different Base On Your Purchases & Subscription

STEP 3. Screenshot of your transaction details (
Looks something like this.(click image to enlarge)

Transaction Details on your itunes


STEP 4. Screenshot of your subscription settings on your iPad (Settings app -> iTunes & App Store -> Tap on account -> View Apple ID -> Subscriptions Manage -> tap on Magazine Name subscription -> take a screenshot)
Looks something like this.

Subscription Setting Screen


Email all of the above to support at