I found this interesting article about Top 7 Website Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Photographer.

Summary is:

Here are some common design mistakes you must avoid if you want people to like your photography website:
1. Don’t Use A Poor Layout
2. Don’t Neglect Any Visitors
3. Don’t Forget To Test Everything
4. Avoid Filling Your Homepage With Too Much Content
5. Never Underestimate Social Networking Websites
6. Don’t Put Up Every Picture You Take With Your Camera
7. Don’t Forget To Create A Contact Page

For the full article visit this link.


If I were to add to this, related to SEOing your webpages, I would say:

1. Don’t forget to add appropriate description for images you add to your website, people might understand it, but the search won’t understand an image only page.

2. Don’t forget to target your pages to specific keywords, don’t stuff your web page with all the possible keywords you can find, be sure to create good themes for your web pages. If you need to you can create new pages for specific keyword groups, this way, the search engine will understand your pages properly.

3. Don’t forget – most important, craft your web page title, meta description and h1 tags properly, to make sure the search engines understand your web page. And nowadays, the search engines are smart enough so no need to keep repeating keywords in your these section of your web page.