1. Generate Income While You Sleep. Contrary to having a photography practice, if we take pictures for our clients, it’s really impossible to generate income while we sleep. On the other hand, if you have a series of info products teaching other people become better image makers, your information product store is always open. You can virtually make money 24×7 even if you are sleeping, eating or even taking a bath.

2. We Stop Trading Hours For Dollars. When we trade hours for dollars, pretty much we are limited to the amount of hours we have, chances are we can only work up to a certain numbers of hours in a given week, may it be 40 hours, 60 hours or even up to 80 hours. And sometimes, we don’t really get bookings continuously to keep us busy all week. And say if we are fully book hopefully we don’t kill ourselves working that many hours to make a good income.

3. Potential Income is Much Higher over a period of time. A natural progression of the previous reason is if we are not limited to the amount of time we get paid for, our potential income can be a lot higher.

4. You Can Create an Unlimited Number of info Products to sell. Info products like mastering exposure, mastering composition, mastering marketing skills, the art of photography etc.

5. You Don’t Need A Lot Of Money To Start. Many people start off selling ebooks, and creating a pdf is so simple nowadays almost every word processor or presentation software will allow you to create a pdf that can be sold as an ebook. Many people also create audio and video products and these types of medium have higher perceive value – meaning you can charge more.

6. Work Anywhere Work Anytime. More Time For Family & Friends, you’re no longer confined to working mostly weekends if we are a wedding photographer or confined to your studio if you are doing studio portrait since info products can be created anytime.

7. The World is Your Marketplace and work from Home. You sell your information products throughout the world, there’s no limit where you can conduct your information product business.

8. Anyone Can Do it, Dog Trainer, Florist, Bonsai grower, tomato grower anything that requires skills and specific knowledge you can turn into an info product.

Is starting an information Product Business for you?