In this Edition of Bokeh Magazine we feature mother and daughter duo Norma & Roz Skinner, our wedding photographer friends from Scotland. They shared with us the lifestyles and mindsets they’ve developed to run their wedding photography business. John Bennett talks about why you should shoot in series. An interview with Monica Helsby reveals why we shouldn’t be afraid of change. We also interview Alyssa Morgan as we explore with her the joy of following your passion. Discover and reflect on what each of our interviews are trying to convey. If any of them speaks to you personally and sparks a new idea, take action immediately in your own journey as a photographer. It’s one of the most effective ways of moving forward.

We hope this issue will help you explore your creativity as well as help you gain more success in your business.

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Featured Q&A Euphoria Photography

Euphoria Photography Q&A page 1

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This issue is jam packed with inspiring stories to “reFuel Your Passion” for the Art and Life of Photography. Check out Vol 13 now!