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How To Sharpen Your Skills & Enter a Highly Competitive Photography Niche

This Profile shows you how Benson Ng sharpen not only his photography skills but his business skills, what challenges he faced and how he overcame them.

Read more about his story in Bokeh Magazine Volume 02. Available through iTunes for the iPad.

Photographs of Toys

Living The Dream by Tony Luna in Bokeh Mag Issue 1

There comes a time when everyone who has a special hobby thinks, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could turn this interest of mine into a living, maybe even a way of life?” What could be more enticing than everyday being able to do what you enjoy doing, and getting paid for it at the same time? Right from the start it may sound like a pipe dream; a pie-in-th-sky, even irresponsible thing to consider. But the thought keeps following you and you can’t help but wonder what it would take for you to pull it off. What if you could actually quit your job (if it hasn’t already quit you) and you could be your own boss and you could do this incredible thing that you love to do?


Read more of this in Bokeh Magazine Volume 1


Image Maker Tamar Levine in Bokeh Magazine Volume 2

Tamar Levine will be featured in our New & Noteworthy section of Bokeh Magazine Volume 2, if you are a follower of Tamar Levine, be sure to check out this new issue and find out more about her. Bokeh Magazine Volume 2 will be released this October.

To get the magazine please visit bokeh magazine’s itunes page.

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Tamar Levine Website co-Owner Max Shevyakov Featured in Bokeh Magazine Volume 02

Max Shevyakov co-owner of featured in Bokeh Magazine Volume 02. Find out how Max & Mark(co-Owner) defy the odds, discover how they squash the challenges of starting and building Incredible inspiring story, don’t miss it. It will be in Bokeh Magazine Volume 02 this coming October 2012.

Photographic and Video Rentals Featured Article of Max and in Bokeh Magazine Volume 02 website


Let the Power of Your Images Lift Someone Up

We know in life that a little encouragement goes a long way, on the flip side it can also tear someone down. Why don’t we use the power of our images to lift someone up, rather then tear them down.

An inspiring short video of how photos can really make a huge difference in someone’s life.

full story here.

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