What I admire about this month’s feature photographer Michael PA is his tenacity in life. Whatever he pursues he does so with so much heart and effort. In just a short period of time, Michael has taught himself both photography and the business associated with it. He’s overcome challenges and embraced failures to quickly establish himself as a reputable Fine Art And Luxury Photographer. I hope his story inspires you to push yourself to bigger and better things.

Tim Lee, an Architectural and Interior Design Photographer, expresses similar sentiments. Persistence is the key when you’re in this business. You’ll get knocked down with rejections but you have to get up. Know that it’s never really personal. Be thankful for the opportunities and keep those doors open for potential work down the road.

If you haven’t explored how social media platforms can help expand and engage your audience, you need to read our interview with Jasmine Lee, a Wedding Photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’ll open your eyes to how effective such efforts can be. Lara Bartlett also talks about social media and how fast technology changes. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends so that her work with models stays fresh and inspired.

Photographs of Family and Children are often the starting places for many who go into photography. It begins as something casual, and then it grows into something more serious. Kristina Hubschmitt has a cute story of how she opened up shop.

There are two articles that should be interesting reads. John Bennett and Tony Luna are two regular contributors to our magazine. They each have a little something to say about those interested in pursuing photography. John has shared an interview he did with Andrew Sanderson and Tony writes about his friend Michael Salvatore Tierney.

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