I’m excited to share with you the story and the works of Nikki Harrison. After working in the financial industry for some time, she decided to pursue her love and passion for the arts, and began teaching herself everything there was to learn about photography. Nikki’s images are simply stunning. They’re dreamy and creatively shot. You’ll definitely have to check out her portfolio on her Elegant Portraits website.

Hard work always pays off. So does challenging yourself. Knowing when to push yourself and learning from mistakes will ultimately make you a better photographer. Alan De Herrera has this mindset. As a commercial food photographer, he takes on some challenging projects. You’ll read about how difficult his field can be and what he has done to distinguish himself from his competitors.

I think many would say that if you know what you want to do for a living when you’re a child that this would be a blessing. Katie Komene and Chelsea Hellen have been fortunate in this regard, and started their endeavors into photography at an early age. Read how their stories developed and changed over the years.

Jackie Steinke talks with us this month on why she’s passionate about what she does and what her business philosophy is, which centers around building relationships for the long run.

One of the more important lessons you can learn from photographers is not to be afraid to show your work. Be open to constructive criticism. Have a community or a support group that can give you honest feedback. You’ll need this to grow. Bianca Asher and Aline Smithson emphasize this.

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Cover Image by Nikki Harrison

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