Underwater photography is simply amazing. The images that are produced can take you to a whole new world and fill your mind and imagination with things that are not commonly seen. Our feature interview comes to us by Lorenzo Mittiga, who talks about his journey into photography and shares his stunning photographs of the underwater world of Bonaire, a Dutch Caribbean island.

Hard work pays off, and knowing a little something about how a business works helps too. The husband and wife team of Ken and Beck Drake specialize in Animal Portraiture Photography and have done well for themselves in their niche . They’ve worked hard to network with businesses around them and have built themselves a great brand. Read how they did it.

I love the story that Courtney Murray tells in her interview piece. You can feel the energy and positivity jump out from her words. It’s inspiring, and it’ll make you want to go out and start doing something. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy her read.

A good mentor and a helpful support group are what helped Debra York become a successful photographer. She has some good insights on how a mentor can help you develop both your photography and business skills.

Rita Backus’s desire to learn stems from her fascination with light, nature, and human connection. She has an eye for detail and perfection, and it shows in the adorable photographs she’s shared with us for this issue.

France is a beautiful country and Olivier Bergeron shares a bit of it with us with his long exposure and HDR photographs. It definitely makes me want to travel there someday.

We have a special interview put together by Michael Werner. He talks with Tony Mendoza and you’ll see how persistence pays off.

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Cover Image by Lorenzo Mittiga

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Lorenzo Mittiga Fine Art Photography

Infinity Photography by Rita

Zoo Studio

Lovely Lens Photography, LLC

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